Success Stories

THE perfect program for athletes and humans in general

I am a movement junkie that has tried several different methods to undo some of the damage I have done over years of mountain biking, running and triathlons. RevInMo is THE perfect program for athletes and humans in general to improve overall wellness and performance. Dr. Edythe is an ingenious, compassionate doctor who has both a fervor and gift for understanding the human body. After one weekend of work with RevInMo, I have changed the way I move and carry myself throughout this world! I am ecstatic that I have found my movement program…functional, and good for you, but also dynamic and most importantly, FUN!

– April Graham, ND Student, Exercise Physiologist, and Athlete

A playground and a classroom

RevInMo workouts have been both a playground and a classroom for me. It is fun, it is effective, and it has taught me how to move with strength and coordination. 
It has enabled me to achieve a level of physical conditioning and performance that I had always strived for, but with limited past success. It has helped me to change the way I move, feel, and think. In fact, the more I do RevInMo, the more I find that the way I move, and what I think and feel, are coming from a single source of core experience. The challenge and reward of this is awesome!

– Mark, 44

Functional harmony & a complete training regiment

Revolution In Motion has enhanced my athletic strengths as well as corrected a lot of physical dysfunction. After a RevInMo workout I’m left feeling energized/stimulated. To sum it up RevInMo has helped restore a functional harmony in my body and completed my training regiment.

– Brendan Weafer, MMA Fighter

Not just a workout, but a life philosophy

Revolution in Motion is, without a doubt, the most enjoyable and effective program or routine I have ever experienced. I have only tried to force myself to work out in the past, and never been very motivated to do it other than when playing sports. 
But the way my body feels after each workout is an incredible mix of ease of tension and vibrant energy that leaves me wanting to come back as soon as possible. It is like no other form of exercise I have experienced. What I love most of all is that it is never, ever, EVER boring. Just when I think I might be getting used to an exercise, there is something to enhance it. And on top of that, there is always a whole group of exercises that I never imagined being introduced. I have pretty much never had the same workout twice, while always getting the same positive results, the same energetic feeling, and the same amount of fun. And I love that.
I have walked in limping with leg and ankle injuries, and have walked out to walk around the city for miles just because I am so relieved and excited to be feeling so much better. My RevInMo trainer is an amazing. He is an inspiring mix of professionalism and good-natured congeniality in the studio. His knowledge and attitude are wonderful attributes he offers to everyone who walks in the door. He has a calculating ability to diagnose how my body is moving, why certain injuries have been sustained (damn my less-than-superb hip flexors), and how to solve and improve any issue at hand.
Another great thing about RevInMo is that each trainer has their own style, so doing the same routine with someone else is an entirely fresh experience. I have had the pleasure of working with a RevInMo trainer who is a hard working, talented, and charismatic guy, and recently another RevInMo trainer, both of whom I enjoyed working with and recommend tremendously.
It is not just a workout, but a life philosophy, for the employees here, and it shows. I am very grateful for all the time I have been able to spend with the people who work here. I highly recommend Revolution in Motion to anyone who is interested.

– Nico Cappucio

Avoided surgery. It's magic.

I’ve been sporty and a dancer all of my life: running, Pointe, Flamenco, African… any and everything which could hurt my feet. From years of body trauma, I’ve developed a foot injury. When diagnosed by a podiatrist, I was told that I would need pretty major surgery. I did not want to accept that…
Then, I was turned on to RevInMo. 
Before discovering my RevInMo trainer and his energy as a helpful component to my healing, my pain was excruciating. Now, I can manage greater balance, strength, and mobility in my foot/toes. I’m re-learning how to walk again! My RevInMo trainer is delightful and knowledgeable. He truly wants to help and gives great individual attention. I absolutely recommend his RevInMo classes for any strength, body alignment, and/or injury issues. It’s magic.

– Dani Marco

My fountain of youth

I have been going to RevInMo for almost 2 years now. It is my fountain of youth! I love my RevInMo trainer at the NYC location and ALWAYS have a fantastic workout that is personalized to my needs each time I train. I feel the best physically that I ever have and have a great time with each and every time I train. There is nothing like it!

– Kelly Paratore

Feeling younger and more energetic

Over the years I’ve done everything from aerobics to step class to Pilates to spinning to yoga. Many of the activities were fun, and some were helpful, but none worked as profoundly or had nearly as positive an effect on my body or overall sense of well-being as RevInMo. 
Revolution in Motion was recommended to me by a chiropractor who treated me for a years-long injury that wouldn’t seem to heal. Within six weeks of doing RevInMo, the injury healed and I was feeling better than ever before. As I have stayed with the program, I have found myself feeling younger and more energetic, and I am performing every physical activity–from running to swimming to skiing–better than I did twenty years ago. Thanks to the greater flow of energy, I find that my work as a writer has also improved.

– Lisa Wolfe

You open yourself to unlimited possibilities and a new you

Well it’s two years now that I’ve been going to Revolution In Motion and some amazing changes have happened to me. The first thing I noticed was reading a label in a health food store and I went to remove the glasses from my head and realized I didn’t have any on. My vision has changed- not 20/20, but I don’t always need readers. I have a close friend that was the same height as me. Was is the keyword. I’m about 2″ taller than him now. Very odd, but I love it. I stand taller and just walking feels so different. I meditate and when chanting Om was never able to to breathe deeply. I noticed not long ago that not only can I breathe deeper, I can hold Om for a much longer period of time. 
My RevInMo trainer asked me to start doing the cerebral exercises every day. So, on weekends I do them 3 times a day, other days once. My balance has changed significantly. I’ve even progressed from the slant board 2nd level (which was hard for me) to the 3rd level and its easier. My healthcare professional said my bone density has increased. My body itself is going through a big shift. I noticed that it feels different. Physically I’m much stronger (I’m not 25 – so any changes you get when you're older are a miracle). My arms are more muscular & starting to be cut. My legs are firmer (they haven’t been like that since I ran – I stopped with an injury a long time ago). Hell, my butt has stopped going South and heading back North (I’m having my own private Civil War going on -lol). My memory has always been good, but I have to confess when I came here it needed some help. These days my memory is amazing. I work with someone that has lousy recall, and I remember things for the both of us… and I’m 18 yrs older than she is.
I know RevInMo doesn’t make claims that it's regenerative or rejuvenating, but it is. I have gotten so much younger in the last two years.
RevInMo is pretty amazing, once you go through those doors, you open yourself to unlimited possibilities and a new you.

– Robert

Revolution in Motion to the rescue

BECOMING (DIS)ABLED!  with Revolution in Motion
Milestones Reached:
April 2013: I started with RevInMo 1 x every two weeks.
June 2013: I travelled from JFK to Logan and back without a wheelchair.
July 2013: I increased RevInMo visits 6x per month.  I told my neurologist about RevInMo.
August 2013: I climbed PINE COBBLE –an easy hike  in the Berkshires mountains. First time in 3 years.
September 2013: I scaled a Jetty in Cape Cod for the first time in 3 years.
September 2013: I increased RevInMo visits 2 x per week.
October 2013: I left a darkened theater and went out into the crowded NYC streets of mid-town.  I didn’t look like Michael J. Fox on his levodopa for the first time in 3 years.
November 2013: I went shopping and didn’t need my grocery cart to stabilize me. I didn’t lose my voice or have slurred speech at the check-out counter. First time in 3 years.   I tell my neurologist.
February 2014: My daily city life getting easier. My neurologist noticed small improvements for the first time in my clinical tests.  I continue to talk about RevInMo.
July 2014: My neurologist continues to notice improvements. I continue to talk about RevInMo.
October 2014: My neurologist asks ME for RevInMo’s information so he can have on hand to refer to other patients.  I am very excited.  All my clinical testing is very healthy: gait, balance, tracking, reflexes, optic nerve all presenting very strong.
Becoming Disabled: A look back
In June 2010, I began to walk funny. I was swaying. Or, was it tilting? I don’t know except that I knew it wasn’t vertigo.  I saw my doctor who immediately sent me for an MRI (to check to see if I had a tumor causing the sporadic gait). No tumor. In July 2010, after a few weeks of symptoms (including tingling, tremors in hands and legs, walking with a tilt) I went to the neurologist again.  By late July 2010, my symptoms progressed and I began to have involuntary constant movement throughout my torso, arms, legs and head (imagine Michael J. Fox on his Parkinson’s’ drug, Levodopa, which causes involuntary movement as a side effect).   By August, I had difficulty walking, was on a cane, and went to the “best MS guy in NY.”  (no tumor, no lyme disease – muscles were all fine, no MS, no Parkinson’s).  The good news was that nothing “serious” was showing up. The bad news was that I did not have a diagnosis and I couldn’t function without a lot of movement and difficulty walking and I wasn’t getting better.
By this time, I began to slow down at work (doctor’s orders) and worked from home. I couldn’t take the subway. I wore “sensible” shoes.
By the Spring of 2011, I was somewhat better but continued to have profound, acute, onset symptoms on certain triggers including sudden temperature changes, light changes, lack of sleep, alcohol and areas with too many stimuli (shopping, streets of NYC, subways, airports).
By late July 2011 (one year after initial onset of symptoms), I woke up one day and struggled to speak.
Diagnoses varied from ataxia and “idiopathic dyskinesia,”  but these were more symptoms rather than disease.
By the summer of 2011, I had seen 4 neurologists in NY. The last sent me to a neuro-psychiatrist.  I went for a year and half (I was prepared to try anything).
I next tried private yoga sessions for 1 ½ hours per week plus practice and meditation on my own.
I next tried Klonopin – a drug to reduce my movements.  None of these treatments reduced symptoms.
Then I found Revolution in Motion.
Revolution in Motion to the rescue:  Become NEUROLOGICALLY FIT AND (re)TRAIN YOUR BRAIN
In the Fall 2012, some friends told me to go to Revolution in Motion.  My friend was referred for sports fitness. While there, she learned that some clients at Revolution in Motion went there to treat neurological issues.  After 3 ½ years of doctors without answers, reading copious amounts of clinical materials, eliminating certain foods (including Gluten) and trying psychiatry, yoga, drugs (klonopin) and rest, slowing down at work— nothing worked.
I adored RevInMo from day one. Not because my symptoms improved after one time (because it took a few months) but because the staff and trainers are respectful, gentle, nurturing, inspiring, encouraging and just all around lovely. Plus, I was having a good time!  It is FUN.  I started showing real improvement after 3 months.
Revolution in Motion is NEUROLOGICALLY focused:  the basic theory is to re-map my brain by teaching it, my feet (yes, in bare feet) and the rest of my body to talk.  As well, we used LLLT (low or “cold” laser light therapy) on my brain – stimulating cellular activity in my cerebellum (center of motor function)
Revolution in Motion Staff and Trainers.  Trained by Dr. Edythe Heus (pronounced HOICE, like JOYCE) who is RevInMo’s Founder and principal architect, the staff are all nurturing, respectful and compassionate – just lovely.  Alex is my primary therapist (you say trainer, I say therapist).  But, I have been trained by Johnny too – also terrific!). Alex is creative, disciplined, encouraging, compassionate, committed, loyal, and inspirational.  He is always thinking about what can next be done to further improve my abilities, my fitness and my strength. I am indebted. 

– Susan

Rapid improvement

I had four knee surgeries. One total knee replacement which I was still recovering from when I came to Revolution In Motion. I experienced a rapid improvement after taking the Feet First and all the other classes. A year and a half later, I am back to playing basketball, and I am much better at it than before.

– Wally

More in tune with my body

My training at RevInMo improved my lacrosse game. By strengthening my core and learning the skills of balance in my foundation, I became a much stronger player. The balance I gained allowed me to move faster and more deliberately. My reactions are that much quicker as I have worked on creating a solid base. I am also more in tune with my body, as I learned how to listen to cues. In lacrosse, I can aim better, move faster, and my lateral movement has improved thanks to the slip n slide class. My overall improved strength has made me a more powerful player. 

– Natalie Ledwitz, Old Dominion University Lacrosse