Your posture, movement, balance, and athletic performance are deteriorating.

What are you doing about it?

It’s easy to recognize that as we age we will get shorter, stooped over, less sure of our footing, slow down and “move like an old person.”  Do you want to accept that prediction?

Revolution in Motion is my fountain of youth...
— Kelly

Jean avoided surgery

You are at the age where your value as a professional athlete is questioned.  Are you worth your contract or will you sign another?  Injuries sustained during your career are adding up and wear and tear on your body is taking a toll on your athleticism.  Does your mind still tell you that you have it in you to continue?

“With Revolution In Motion, finally, my body can do what my mind felt it could.” -Steve Finley, retired professional baseball at the age of 43

With Revolution In Motion, finally, my body can do what my mind felt it could.
— Steve Finley, retired professional baseball player at age 43

Everyone has injuries. You may not recognize them.  Not all injuries are the result of direct impact, most are wear and tear.  You may be “owning” these injuries unnecessarily.   That’s just how my shoulder is, I’ve had it for years, my whole family has back problems… these are statements that don’t need to be a part of the story of YOUR life.

How we do it?

A comprehensive posture and movement analysis:

  • Neurological assessment
  • Health and family history
  • Lifestyle, diet and nutrition evaluation

Provide you with:

  • Measurable and quantifiable monitoring
  • A plan

Your plan may include any or all:

  • Treatment sessions with the doctors, movement specialists, or body therapy practitioners (these sessions may include manual muscle testing and balancing, Stecco myofascial therapy, reflexive therapy, low level or cold laser therapy, cranial sacral, and/or neuromuscular therapy)
  • A customized movement program with ongoing re-evaluation and assessment
  • Targeted small group sessions
  • Further testing including: comprehensive blood tests, Cyrex blood testing, Diagnos-Tecs saliva, stool testing, etc.
  • Dietary and supplemental guidance for implementation