Private Training Sessions

One-on-one personalized attention for the most effective and efficient training solution.

If you’re looking for a specialized program to improve your sport, increase your athleticism, looking for a new therapy to improve mobility, are in need of rehabilitation or are just looking for a new, challenging and fun system, our staff of educated trainers are taught to create programs catered for your specific needs. With a vast understanding of the human body, our trainers are eager to share their enthusiasm and knowledge of the RevInMo exercise system to enhance and improve your overall awareness, physical mobility and performance in everything you do.

Your private sessions include:

  • A RevInMo Analysis during which your posture and gait are assessed and your performance of neurological exercises including cerebellar exercises are evaluated.
  • Your goals are identified based on your desires, and our ongoing evaluations. These goals are redefined often during your time with RevInMo. As goals are exceeded new ones are determined.
  • A customized sequence of exercises is implemented with ongoing analysis, evaluation and program restructuring at each session.
  • Revolution In Motion includes nutritional precision, mindfulness, and efficient movement. Our qualified trainers serve as your guides as you turn your potential into performance.