How we do this...

RevInMo trains barefoot on unstable surfaces using a neurologically activating series of exercises that are novel, playful and transformative. 

Novelty, somatosensory sensory stimulation, variations in loading, integration and automation are critical elements in performance training and the basis for Revolution in Motion.  Automation is what top athletes refer to as “the zone” or “flow state.”  



RevInMo trains the nervous system as well as the body to respond quickly and magnificently to subtle and dramatic changes in your environment whether it is the surface you are walking on, the car that stops suddenly in front of you, or your opponent “throwing you a curve ball.”

Power and explosiveness are the result of the nervous system and the muscles they drive working as a unit. The better they are trained the better the results.

Most sports require power, explosiveness, quickness, balance and coordination but so does life. These attributes are a good part of our success at avoiding injury, recovering from injury and beating the clock.

Deep Core Training

RevInMo does DEEP CORE training.  This includes training the lower abdominal muscles that anchor all the abdominal muscles, amplify pelvic floor tone and function and along with the intrinsic muscles of the spine facilitates movement.  Because these muscles are small and out of sight their significance is overlooked by other training systems.  These muscles are rich in nerves and respond to changes in the environment quickly and direct the larger muscles.  The brain and nervous system are the conductors of the symphony of muscles that lead to the harmony of movement.

The results

  • Fluid and efficient movement and enhanced posture
  • Upright posture standing or sitting should not take a lot of energy and effort but it will if you are not using the right muscles.
  • Movement that is efficient and fluid whether in your walking or your golf game is sexy and functional, reduces wear and tear on your joints and keeps you young longer.

Flexibility and tone

Training your brain enhances their signals to your muscles directing them efficiently, moving the right muscles at the right time with the right amount of tension.  Precisely organized muscles result in optimal flexibility and tone because muscles are not fighting each other the way they do when you train muscles in isolation.

We don’t just want you to be toned; we want you to be functionally toned and gorgeous.  RevInMo will give you YOUR best body. Don’t ask us to give you someone else’s, we don’t play that way….and we can’t give you bulky muscles either.