What is Revolution in Motion?

RevInMo is a neurologically based exercise system comprised of precisely sequenced movement that harmonizes muscle and nerve functions. While we’ve been embraced by professional athletes, Hollywood celebrities and Broadway dancers, our exercise system is fun, engaging and designed to benefit one and all. Revolution in Motion is on the cusp of changing all that we know about body movement, from athleticism to peak performance, injury to wellness, and illness to health.

Is Revolution in Motion suitable for all ages?

RevInMo is for children and adults of all ages.

Is Revolution in Motion for everybody?

If you are interested in discovering your true potential and dedicated to working for it, then yes, RevInMo is for you! We offer an introductory class for those interested in a class setting.

Do you offer classes and private training sessions?

Yes, we offer private training sessions and a variety of classes. We offer private training sessions designed with achieve your goals,  including a program written by a RevInMo certified trainer. Our classes are fun, engaging and challenging,  taught by RevInMo certified trainers.