About You

You are intelligent

  • You have a refined relationship with your body.
  • You recognize the importance of exercise but have not found a program that satisfies the deep longing for physical and mental fulfillment.
  • You want your exercise program to be efficient, preserve your body, and advance Your physical abilities in sport and life.
  • You want to be the best version of yourself at every age.
“I am performing every physical activity–from running to swimming to skiing–better than I did twenty years ago and my work as a writer has improved as well.”

You are a fitness adventurer

  • You like being mentally and physically challenged and fit.
  • You have run, cycled, done the machines at the gym, had personal trainers, boot camped, done yoga and pilates.
  • You’ve liked them all but you want something more exciting, better than the rest, functional and fun!

Revolution in Motion makes you better at everything you are already enjoying.  Your brain thrives on novelty, give it the challenge it longs for by training barefoot on unstable surfaces with Revolution In Motion.

“Over the years I’ve done everything from aerobics to step class to Pilates to spinning to yoga. Many of the activities were fun, and some were helpful, but none worked as profoundly or had nearly as positive an effect on my body or overall sense of well-being as RevInMo.” -Lisa, writer

You are an elite athlete or competitor

  • You are a professional or amateur athlete, dancer, you work as a professional stunt person.
  • You need to pay special attention to and preserve your performance and your body.
  • You want to prevent injury and you want to quickly heal from injury.

Revolution in Motion organizes your brain and body for precise and powerful movement that translates immediately into performance. Prior skill work is enhanced by the neurological and structural foundation developed with RevInMo.  Unstable surfaces and complex movements require focus and attention enhancing the mental aspect of your game. Injury prevention is achieved through heightened neurological stimulation resulting in accelerated anticipation and awareness of your surroundings and avoidance of danger.

“Finally, my body can do what my mind always knew it could.” -Steve Finley, recipient of five Golden Glove awards in Major League Baseball

You are interested in neurological enhancement

You want a new kind of therapy to help you or your loved one (husband, wife, partner, child) with your (or their) neurological disorder, movement, disability, or just ordinary movement and lifeskill issues related to your age.

Most people are unaware that a healthy brain and nervous system yields fluid movement, good balance, speedy reaction time and freedom from pain.  Sound sleep, abundant energy, focus, healthy digestion, joy and contentment are also benefits of a healthy brain.  Revolution In Motion is neurologically driven and requires the brain to be functioning at its best.  RevInMo’s requires complete mindfulness throughout a workout for a powerful and efficient outcome.

“I did not think my body would ever be able to move like this again.” -Susan, ESQ

You are injured

  • You suffer from plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder, fallen arches.
  • You suffer from low back pain, knee pain, overall joint and muscle pain and need to repair.

Repetitive activities in work and play lead to injuries.  Injuries can be corrected while improving the things you are already good at.  Injuries are an opportunity to “upgrade” your entire mind and body.  Injuries frequently occur at your weakest links that when restored are often better than they were before the injury.  Old injuries don’t go away, their imprint affects your life.  Revolution In Motion erases those imprints and restores fluid movement.

“Revolution in Motion was recommended to me by a chiropractor who treated me for a years-long injury that wouldn’t seem to heal. Within six weeks of doing RevInMo, the injury healed and I was feeling better than ever before.”   -Lisa