Dr. Edythe Heus

Visionary - Diagnostician - Experienced Clinician

Dr. Heus began her career as a chiropractor, specializing in kinesiology. In Dr. Heus’s practice, her patients’ bodies became her teachers, revealing subtleties not found in any textbooks. As Dr. Heus diagnosed, tested and treated hundreds of patients, something unexpected happened: Patterns began to emerge. Remarkably, the patterns were the same for everyone–from the injured to world-class athletes.

These universal patterns, along with the neurological shortcomings she saw in popular exercise programs like Pilates, Cross Fit and Yoga, inspired Dr. Heus’ breakthrough concept of Revolution in Motion. Dr. Heus’ exercises were unlike any in existence. She challenged the notion of what it feels like to get fit. Gone were the grueling sessions and repetition, which characterized much of conventional fitness. Dr. Heus’ exercises were deceptively playful. They satisfied her clients’ senses and engaged their nervous systems with novelty—all without lifting more than 10 pounds. Most importantly, Dr. Heus’ exercises consistently achieved extraordinary results for her patients in a fraction of the time.

Over three decades of practice, Dr. Heus refined her groundbreaking exercises into a sequence of movements performed barefoot on unstable surfaces. The emphasis on foot strength and ever-changing movement activates and energizes the entire nervous system, harmonizing communication between the brain and the muscles. For those who practice it, this translates into dramatic improvements in strength, speed, and flexibility.

“Revolution in Motion works so fast that people are dumbfounded,” Dr. Heus explains. “It changes their structure and their movement, but also changes their physiology, their neurology, and the way they think about life.” Dr. Heus likens Revolution in Motion to a combination lock: Patients may have all the numbers, but only the correct sequence will unlock profound neurological changes. “Revolution in Motion, between the movements, sequencing and exercises, is able to unlock a person’s potential and allow them to do things they never thought they’d be capable of,” Dr. Heus says. “We can give people their best body, functioning in the best way possible.”

From Chaos to Healthy Harmony

Dr. Heus is now working harder than ever to share her knowledge: She has certified over 100 trainers nationwide. Dr. Heus believes Revolution in Motion should ultimately be the foundation for all sports and fitness regimens; teaching people how to unify mind and body for peak performance while virtually eliminating injury risk. As a pioneer, she feels real joy helping people go beyond their limits. “Revolution in Motion helps us find perfection within ourselves… so we can take ourselves to the next level.”

I’ve spent a lifetime studying muscles and movement and how the body fits together. It’s my passion. Just by watching someone walk, I can immediately see what’s not working and how to correct it.
— Dr. Edythe